Buying a boat is the beginning of your journey into a new lifestyle of fun and adventure. For the first-time buyer, there are many things to consider — from various activities you’d like to enjoy, to where you would like to use your boat, what restrictions you have for storage and your towing capacity.

Take our short quiz below to see which model in the Whittley range might best suit your needs!

1. What is your level of boating experience?

2. What type of boating best represents you?

3. What is your price range?

4. What is the towing capacity of your vehicle?

5. How many people will be in the boat?


NOTE: The Which Whittley Are You? feature, is available to potential customers as a guide only and this information provided shouldn’t be used to form part of your final purchase decision, please consult an Authorized Whittley Dealer prior to making a decison to purchase & further please consult to web-site disclaimer’s for further information.
* Prices listed are a guide only and are the MRRP base BMT from price, for further information please consult MMRP definition in web-site disclaimer page.
** Maximum vehicle towing weight, is your vehicles maximum towing weight, with electric brakes installed for trailer packages rated over 2,200 kg’s. Weights supplied here may vary, please consult dry towing weight product disclaimer for further information. Please consult your desired tow vehicle’s owners manual or vehicle manufacturers online towing requirements for further information and before using this information to tow your selected Whittley model boat package.
*** Please confirm maximum number of people in boat in the desired model’s specifictation page before using this information to form any part of your decision to purchase as well as the ABP fitted to the boat and your new boat owners manual, post purchase.

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