Working as One

Whittley’s diverse talent continues the legacy of excellence that began with the first model bond wood Whittley, produced by Jim Whittley. We’ve grown as a market leader thanks to our skilled and motivated team. Why don’t you take a look at joining the team?

  1. The Whittley Marine Group have been building boats for Australia families for over 55 years and three generations. The company was founded by boating industry identity Jim Whittley, who created a company built on the pillars of perfection and excellence, from the products it built, to the people it hired, Whittley builds the best. Today the Whittley Marine Group employee’s over 70 staff and is Australia’s largest manufacturer of trailerable fiberglass boats and also produces a range of pressed alloy boat models. 
  2. ONE TEAM:  What ever your level of experience or specialist job diciplin, you’ll find that Whittley Marine Group is home to some of the very best careers in the automotive industry. More than that, ours is a business sthat encourages personal growth and helps put career development on everyones agenda.
  3. ONE PLAN:  Is to deliver to the end consumer and our dealers a product which is innovative, high in quality and a cut above the competition. Whittley employee’s have a passion for our business and our customers and this is shown in the products that we produce. Out plan is simple – we are committed to working together to build boats that are safe, reliable and have the high quality strands our customers expect.
  4. ONE GOAL: What our dealers, the public that own our boats and employees want is a simple – an exciting and viable Whittley Company which his growing into the future. Employee’s play one of the largest roles in ensuring that the Whittley company stay’s ahead of the game and the competition, not only know but into the future. Whittley overall strategic recruitment goal is simple, we want the right people here on our team, to assist us to deliver our plan. The Whittley Marine Group employees introduce themselves, describe their workplaces and show the strength of the Whittley Marine Group – it’s people.
  5. Whittley’s head office in Somerton Victoria, has been the home of the business since 2009. The Whittley today employee’s many individuals with many differing job roles and skills, from finance, to product development, to manufacturing and more, Whittley offers a wide range of career opportunity’s. These are roles that we usually recruit for throughout the year and they may or may not be available at this time. If we don't have a specific requirement/need at the time of your application, your resume will be retained and considered if and when such an opening should arise. If you would NOT like us to retain your information please state this in your application. Please feel free to call if the specific role you are interested in is available at this time.

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