The team at the Whittley Factory have put together a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in finding any key information about Whittley Boats you might need. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact your nearest factory-owned Whittley dealership or phone the factory on +613 8339 1800.


Can I buy the display stock boat at the Whittley dealership or must I place a new boat build order with the Whittley Factory?

Yes, display stock on the floor of your local Whittley dealership is often for sale. Alternatively, you can place an order for a customised new boat build at the Whittley factory. To see what stock is available, please click here.

How do I choose my options and colours and begin the new boat-buying process?

You can start the new boat-build process by visiting your local factory-owned dealership or by using the online Build A Boat feature found here.

Is buying a Whittley from a factory-owned dealership a different experience from buying from a dealer?

When you buy from one of our factory-owned dealerships, you deal with the one company for the manufacture, sale, hand-over and ongoing service support of your boat, so the experience is considerably different to buying from a third party.

Once it is placed, how do I find out the status of my order in the schedule?

We encourage you to keep in contact with your local Whittley dealership where you placed the order. They will receive updates once the build process has started and are your direct link with the Whittley factory in Melbourne.

Still unsure which Whittley best suits your needs?

Click here to take the quiz. Answer some simple boating questions to find out which Whittley model ticks your boxes!

What if I don’t have a Whittley factory owned dealership near me?

If there are no Whittley factory dealerships close to you then you can purchase through the Whittley factory. Please make contact by clicking here.

What is the Whittley Marine Group and what is the relationship between the Whittley factory Whittley factory-owned dealerships across the country?

Whittley Marine Group is a third-generation manufacturer of high-quality fibreglass boats based in Melbourne. The Group owns the business that builds the boats and also a number of dealerships around the country that sell and service Whittley products.

Where can I buy a Whittley Boat?

Whittley Boats are available for sale exclusively through Whittley Marine Group’s factory owned dealerships around the country. To find your closest dealer, click here.

Where can I find a detailed specification and standard equipment list for a new Whittley model?

On each model page of the website is a DOWNLOAD SPECS button where the current specifications and standard equipment list for the model you’re interested in can be downloaded as a PDF.


Are Whittley Boats built in Australia?

Yes, all Whittley Boats are built by the Whittley Family in Melbourne. Whittley have been building boats in Australia since 1953.

Can I contact the factory for old model information and assistance?

Yes, we always try to assist our customers with old model information, please also visit our heritage centre for old model brochures and reviews, click here.

Why should I buy a Boat, Motor & Trailer package from the factory?

Every Whittley Boat leaves the factory turn-key and supplied on a high-quality Mackay trailer, with a Mercury outboard or Volvo Penta stern drive. This ensures the highest quality package can be put together for you as the customer.

Why should the factory fit options such as sounders, winches and other accessories?

To ensure a quality install and the right product is fitted to the boat, for example thru hull transducers a factory installed option ensures it is in the right location and doesn’t hit the trailer for example.


Can I buy boat-related parts and accessories online?

Yes, Whittley has a complete online store with boat-related equipment and accessories. Please click here to access our online store.

Where can I purchase spare parts for my Whittley?

A spare parts request can be completed and sent to the Whittley warehouse for review. Please click here and complete the form.

Where can I purchase Whittley merchandise?

You can purchase Whittley merchandise online. Click here to access our online store.


Can Whittley service my boat package?

Yes, Whittley Marine Group offers boat package servicing to customers via the Group’s service divisions located throughout Australia. Click here to book a service.

Does Whittley offer mobile marine servicing?

Yes, in some locations the Whittley service division offers mobile marine servicing. Click here for more information.

If I don’t own a Whittley, can Whittley still service my boat?

In most cases, yes. Please contact the Whittley service division for more information. Click here to book a service.

What type of work does the Whittley service division do?

All types of trailerable fibreglass boat maintenance and repairs, including engine servicing, boat maintenance, trailer servicing and the fitment of accessories.

Where are the Whittley service divisions located?

Our service divisions operate out of Whittley’s factory-owned dealerships throughout Australia. Click here to find your closest service division.


Can I start a Whittley Boat Owners’ Club if there isn’t one in my state?

Yes, please contact if you are a Whittley owner and keen to start a club in a state where one doesn’t currently exist.

Do I become a member if a buy a new Whittley CR series?

Yes, all new Whittley Cruiser boat owners who purchase boats in states where Whittley Boat Owners’ Clubs operate are signed up for the first twelve months membership for free.

What are the Whittley Boat Owners’ Clubs?

They are an exclusive group of boat owners who conduct monthly events on and off the water, run independently of the Whittley Marine Group.

Where can I find out more information about a Whittley Boat Owners’ Club?

Catch up with the latest, cruise reports, cruise calendars and social media feeds by clicking here for the Whittley Boat Owners’ Club page.

Where do Whittley Boat Owners’ Clubs operate?

Currently, in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.


How do I make a warranty claim?

Please click here for more new boat warranty information.

What warranty is offered on my new boat?

Please click here for more new boat warranty information.


I have a general enquiry for the Whittley Group or factory.

Please contact Whittley Marine Group via the CONTACT US form.

Who do I contact with regards to a Whittley media enquiry?

Please contact Whittley Marine Group via the CONTACT US form.

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