Time to upgrade your boat or simply looking to sell your boat? Whittley Marine Group and its Factory Owned Dealerships across Australia are always on the lookout for quality pre-loved boats to keep our inventory stocked.

Quality used boats are in high demand, so if you are thinking of selling your boat, don’t wait any longer. Whittley Marine Group also provide consignment sales options and also your boat may be applicable for a trade-in for another used or new boat or a quick an easy cash sale. With over 70 years in the marine industry, you can’t beat the used boat sales process offered by Whittley Marine Group across the country.

Why sell your boat with Whittley Marine Group?

  • Save time and money by avoiding the hassle of selling your used boat yourself.
  • Use of over 70 years of the Whittley Marine Group’s knowledge of boating.
  • Your used boat sale can be offered for sale thru Whittley Factory Owned Dealerships across multiple locations across the country.
  • Whittley can offer a quick return and sale of your boat, so you end up with your money from the sale quicker.
  • Use of the latest technology, to market your boat to the widest possible range of potential buyer.s
  • Whittley takes care of the details of the sale, for a hassle-free approach to the sale of your used boat for you.
  • Offers a consignment, cash purchase & boat trade sale arrangements.

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Whittley Dealerships

  • Whittley SA / NT / TAS / International Sales

    Alan Whittley
    12 & 14 Somerton Park Drive, Campbellfield, VIC, 3061
    Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

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“Let Whittley take the hassle out of selling your boat! With a dedicated team of sales professionals Australia wide in multiple locations, we make the process easy and hassle free.”

Brock Cohen


12-14 Somerton Park Drive, Campbellfield Victoria Australia 3061

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