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It’s basically a high-speed fish-processing plant

Cruising boats are slow, wallowing things that take an eternity to pass by, right? Someone forgot to tell the Whittley team. The Captain just went for a spin and we still can’t find our hat.

Whittley’s latest offering in the Cruiser range is the CR2180 with a new Volvo donk. It’s basically a high-speed fish-processing plant with a removable stove, pressurised freshwater system and v-berth for when you need a smoko. If you’re quick enough to sneak a glance, she comes with smooth lines, a stylish integrated windscreen, walk-around decks and moulded boarding platform.

Power comes from either petrol or diesel stern-drives, or outboards – but it’s the new Volvo V6 stern-drive that has sales and marketing director Alan Whittley champing at the bit. The old cast-iron block has been replaced with a lightweight alloy, the fuel system now has direct injection, and the fixed cam got beefed up with variable valve timing. In head-to-head testing against Mercury, the Volvo boffins claimed up to 15 per cent faster acceleration, higher top speed and eight per cent better efficiency – all achieved with the Volvo having 10 per cent less horsepower.*

The Captain is planning an expedition to chase down the five fastest fish in the ocean, living at sea until he finds them. Alan, where are the keys?

*Claimed by Volvo: V6-240-C vs. V6-250 ECT: Side by Side testing in Identical 23’ Runabouts


Hull length-5.5m


Fuel capacity (outboard) -138 litres

Fuel capacity (stern-drive)-112 litres

Maximum number of persons-6

Engine-Volvo V6-200

Horsepower, KW (hp)-149 (200)

Engine speed, rpm-5800

Fuel system-Spark Ignited Direct Injection

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