Whittley Releases New 380 HP Volvo Penta In CR 2800

Tuesday 18 September 2012

New for 2013 models, the Whittley CR 2800, will know offer the option of the new 380 HP 6.0 ltr Volvo Penta power plan engine.

Whittley Marine Group’s Neville Whittley said. “The newest technology offering from Volvo Penta, the 380 offers the first of the next generation stern drive power plant systems, with key standard features over its competitors including; variable valve timing, fresh water cooling system, high flow aluminum heads, six bolt main bearing caps, new electronic control module, catalytic converters and all this and the engine is up to 240 pounds lighter than the competition. The 380 represents the most innovative designed stern drive engine, ever produced, we are proud to offer this engine option in our 2800, and are the first to offer the new 380 Volvo to customers in the Australian market place.”

Big block performance, in a much more reliable, lighter, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly package, over the traditional big block V8 offering.

Mr. Whittley continued to say “We are very pleased to offer this power plant option upgrade to our customers and the Australian market. The new Volvo 6.0 ltr is the ideal power plant upgrade option, for customers looking to purchase a CR 2800. You can know look at upgrading to the new 6.0 ltr, for not much more than the price to upgrade to a fresh water cooled 5.7 ltr engine. This represents a great affordable option, in our CR 2800”

Whittley is soon to announce the 2013 changes, to the new line up of Whittley boats for the next model year shortly. Please watch the news site of the web-site for more information shortly.

For more information please take the time to visit your local Whittley Cruiser dealer, around Australia or make an inquiry from the below information;

NSW: Hunts Marine : 02 9546 1324 :  jhunt@huntsmarine.com.au
QLD: Northside Marine : 07 3265 8000 : gregn@northsidemarine.com.au
VIC: JV Marine : 03 9798 883 : gwalker@jvmarine.com.au
SA: Pitmans Marine : 08 8349 7599 : dave@yamahapitmansmarine.com.au
WA: All Boat Business : 08 9309 4200 : chris@allboatbusiness.com.au

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