Whittley adds as standard QL Neutra-Salt Flushing System, to all stern drive powered boats

Monday 22 April 2013

Whittley Marine Group has announced that on all Volvo Penta powered stern drive boats, will be factory fitted with Volvo Penta's industry leading QL engine flushing system as standard. Providing assurance of increased longevity from stern drive powered boats.

As many Whittley Boats, are continually used in the salt water environment (one of the toughest for your boat). With the standard installation and use of the QL Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System, you have an effective and simple solution to combat internal corrosion and help extend the life of your engine. The flushing system, flushes, the power steering cooler, exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold/exhaust riser, thermostat and housing, circulation plump, engine block, raw water pump, engine cooler

Sales and Marketing Manager, at the Whittley Marine Group, Alan Whittley said. " We are very pleased to have partnered with Volvo Penta, it is through the introduction of the worlds first engine flushing system, which demonstrates Volvo's commitment to the longevity and reliability of its engines, which the competitors simply can't match. For years there has been this misconception that a stern drive is not as reliable as an Outboard. Through the introduction of Volvo's new flushing system, this myth has simply been swashed once and for all. Why pay twice as much for a comparable outboard boat, when the benefits of a stern drive are clear."

The introduction of the new QL engine flushing as standard, also coincides with the introduction of two new power plant options in the stern drive model ranges. Volvo's new V8 380 HP which replaces the big block range, and Volvo's 200 HP V6 MPI, which replaces the traditional 135 HP 4 Cylinder.

Mr. Whittley continued to say. " Volvo Penta have two new unique model offerings available; a 200 HP V6 Multi Point, Fuel Injected engine, which is ideal for our 5.5 to 7.0 metre boat model range. As well as the unique Volvo Penta 380 HP V8, which is factory fitted to our CR 2800 and SL 26. The competitors have no answer for Volvo's large investment in new technology stern drive power plants. Gone are the days of corroborated 135 4-cyclinder engine. Welcome to the new age of multi point fuel injected V6 engines, for the same price."

What is QL Neutra-Salt Engine Flushing System?

The QL Neutra Flush, is a system that flushes the important internal workings of your engine, which are exposed to salt water. The liquid injected into the cooling system of the engine, and runs through it, leaving a corrosion-inhibiting coating on all metal surfaces, thereby naturalising the salinity of incoming seawater.

How Does QL Neutra-Salt Flushing System Increase The Engine Life Of Your Stern Drive?

The QL Flushing, increases the life of your engine, by creating a barrier coat between the sea water and the internal workings of the engine. This protects the engine from saltwater damage. Through the removal of salt deposits, the engine is further protected against the wear of salt.

Whittley Marine Group are proud to offer the full range of Volvo Penta diesel and petrol powered stern drive options, across the Group's boat brands. Volvo Penta, are the world leaders in stern drives.

For more information on the Whittley Boat range, powered by Volvo Penta, contact your local authorised dealer;

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