Picking Up Your New Boat

Buying a new Whittley is an exciting experience and one that Whittley hopes you will enjoy multiple times throughout your lifetime association with the brand.

The below is an important checklist of things that as a new customer you need to ensure you have checked off before collecting your new boat from the dealership and participating in the handover process.

  1. Please print the CUSTOMER SERVICE BULLETIN document, which outlines the wiring diagram for your new Mackay Trailer. Please ensure that the wiring on your car matches what is supplied here, so your trailer lights are wired correctly to your car. Should your trailer have a rating of over 2,200 kgs, it will have electric brakes fitted to it. Please contact your dealer to obtain the electric brake controller which comes standard with your trailer and new boat purchase. Please take this to an auto electrician and provide him with a copy of the CUSTOMER SERVICE BULLETIN, and have this fitted to your car.

  2. Once this it done, it is recommended you take your vehicle to the dealership, and plug it into your trailer, to ensure your trailer brakes (where fitted) and trailer lights are operating correctly, prior to collection of your new boat package.

  3. Whilst at the dealership, ask the dealer for a copy of your new Boat Owner’s Manual, and any other Owners Manuals provided with the boat. It is important to read over these before taking possession of your new boat. The new Boat Owner’s Manual is a detailed document which outlines the many details that make up your new boat and its operation.

  4. If your Whittley is powered by a Volvo Penta, as part of the new boat experience the dealership which you have purchased the boat from and the authorised Volvo Penta dealer will take you for an on water hand over, to run you through the workings of your new boat and engine package. Whilst at this handover, please ask the dealership and Volvo as many questions as you can think of, as they are happy to assist.

  5. Please ensure that the dealership and Volvo Penta have made you aware of the basic customer-based maintenance that needs to occur on the boat, engine and trailer. It is important that you are aware of the engine service increments.

  6. Although the dealership has spent time out on the water with you, if you are new to boating it is recommended that you ask your local dealer about local boat handling and training courses in your area to organise some additional boat handling experience.

  7. If you live in NSW, VIC or QLD, and have purchased a boat from the Whittley SL or CR model ranges, be sure to ask your local dealer about receiving your first year’s complimentary membership into the Whittley Owners Club. For more information about the Whittley Owners Club’s, click here. The Clubs provide a friendly environment to further understand your new boat and the different locations you can venture in it.

  8. Once you have completed your new boat hand over, please take the time to fill out our customer new boat buyer survey, and let us know how your experience was, please click here to complete this.

From the Whittley Family, Dealerships & Team we wish you many years of safe and happy boating in your new Whittley Boat.