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Smart and sleek, the CR 2380 is a trend setting compact sports cruiser that turns corners – and heads. Retaining classic Whittley hallmarks, like the solid curved sliding cabin door that opens into a large V-berth cabin, the CR 2380 is built on a seagoing platform that is rugged and resilient.

The variable deadrise hull provides a smooth, dry ride and affords ample storage and accommodation options. A further large storage compartment runs down the starboard side of the cockpit and forms an L-shaped lounge, which converts into a double bed and uses the dinette table as an infill. The optional moulded Targa bar acts as a mounting point for the antenna, navigation lamps, full covers and clears.

A curved and tinted glass windscreen is enhanced with a standard-issue wiper, and the spacious and well laid out helm features tilt-adjustable steering, space for a sounder and moulded cup holders. An adjustable bucket seat and a clever galley with cold and optional hot water, removable portable stove and fridge, complete the appointments.

The cabin takes advantage of the CR 2380’s generous beam creating an inviting environment to relax or overnight in. The roomy cockpit flows to a moulded transom step-through, providing easy access to the boarding platform, which also acts as an alfresco balcony and fishing platform.

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CR 2380 Technical Specifications
Max People 7
Overall Length 7.60m 
Length on Trailer 7.80m*
Height on Trailer 2.65m* [top of windscreen]
Width on Trailer 2.45m
Beam 2.44m
Deadrise [at transom] 20°
Fuel Capacity 210L
Water Capacity 100L
Dry Towing Weight (base boat package) 2,650kg** [approximately]
Standard Engine Volvo Penta V6 200 G SX
Maximum Horsepower Volvo Penta V6 280 G DPS
Maximum Weight On Transom N/A
Standard Mackay Trailer Model MLKR-57-T-14-HB
Trailer Weight Rating 3,000kg

Whittley Virtual Show Room

Click the below image, to move around the boat in the virtual show room in your own time, it's nearly as good as being there!

Yamaha Motor Finance Available

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Build a Boat to suit your lifestyle

“It’s a nice looking craft, it really fits the bill for cruising, little bit of fishing, little bit of family and everything.“

John Willis Trailer Boat Magazine

walk around side deck

single level sPorts dash

Fridge, stove & sink

rear table

u-shaped rear lounge

next generation sterndrive




volvo logo

The Whittley Marine association with Volvo product spands back over 40 years, with Whittley Marine being one of the first boat builders in the country to supply Volvo powered boats. Since then the engine bays of Whittley’s have evolved to house the new technology that Volvo has produced and lead the industry with. In more recent years, Volvo has continued to expand its product range, with not only a new generation of engines but to know include engine and battery management, flushing systems and integration into Garmins head units.

A Volvo Penta engine, is more than an engine that gets installed into your boat package, the partnership know extends further through out the whole boat. Whittley along with Volvo Penta encourage users to experience these new advancements in the Whittley boat packages.

“Quality is what makes Volvo the market leader in marine propulsion. In fact Volvo has driven most advancements in marine propulsion since its early beginnings as the first sterndrive engine manufacturer and also the first to deliver to the market the industry leading duo prop drive. A Volvo Penta powered Whittley boat, leaves the factory, tested, prop correctly and built to provide you with years of unrivalled performance, longevity and reliability“

Eventha Peroni, Plant Manager, Whittley Marine

Benefits of a Sterndrive

› VALUE FOR HP – purchase a 200 HP V6 sterndrive, for the price of most 70 HP four stroke outboards.
› DOESN’T IMPEDE ON USEABLE SPACE – compact dimensions and Whittley design minimises intrusion into the rear fishing or cruising platform.
› CLEAN TRANSOM – no big OB to bang lures and sinkers into or try and fish over.
› QL NEUTRA-SALT FLUSH SYSTEM – standard on all sterndrive engines, reduces the need to flush your engine, simply push a button.
› ECONOMY – large swept volume, giving high low end torque and better fuel economy, with a further 15 percent improvement on duo prop packages.
› HIGH TORQUE – faster hole shot.
› HOT WATER – all Volvo Penta engines have the option of hot water service connections.
› TOP SPEED – Volvo Penta duo prop offers higher top speed compared to single prop outboard options.
› STABILITY – a lower centre of gravity compared to outboard engines improves stability at rest and underway.
› FRESHWATER COOLING – standard on all Volvo Penta sterndrive engines.
› ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – comply with the world’s most stringent emission standards.
› DUO PROP DRIVE – twin counter rotating propellers bite hard to produce unparalleled thrust, acceleration, planing and handling with lower vibration and noise levels.
WARRANTY & AFTER SALES SUPPORT – large dealer support network across the globe.
AVAILABLE IN BOTH PETROL & DIESEL – enjoy the benefits of a sterndrive, in either petrol or gasoline variants.

For more information on the full range of Volvo Penta Engine and marine related products, talk to your local Whittley dealer or better still ask for a on water demonstration and feel the difference a Volvo Penta makes your Whittley.

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more information (PDF)

d3 140evc engine

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more information (PDF)

v6 200 240 280 mechanical engine

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more information (PDF)

v8 300 evc engine

Volvo Engine Review Video's

QL Nautra Salt Flush System

Click here, for more information regarding QL Nautra Salt System from Volvo.

*The Battery Control Module, Engine Management System & Garmin 7” MultiFunction Screen are standard on models; CR 2380, XS 24, CR 2600, CR 2800, SL 22, SL 25 HT, SL 26, SL 28 HT. The Battery Control module only is also standard on the CR 2180. The Engine Management System & Garmin 7” MultiFunction screen is available as an option on the CR 2080 SD, CR 2180, FF 2100 & XS 20 models. Garmin 4.5 & 7 Echo Map Models are available as options on the CR 2080 & CR 2180 models, and the Garmin 4.5 Echo Map is stndard on the SL 20. Garmin Radar & Auto Pilot Options are only available on SL 25 HT, SL 26, SL 28 HT, CR 2600 & CR 2800 models. Garmin VHF Radio’s are standard on all models, except the CW range and CR 2080 OB & SL 20, off which they are an option. Please contact your local Whittley dealer for more information.
garmin logo

Whittley’s association began with Garmin thru the supplied of Volvo’s Glass Cockpit units, which are built by Garmin. Today, Whittley remains one of Garmin’s largest OEM trailer boat partners, with all Whittley Boats leaving the factory with Garmin electronics. Garmin Marine are the market leaders, in the navigation charts and fishing finding sonar plotter market. Garmin’s technology enable’s customers to link key engine data and switching options on selected head units, providing this information and switching options to be on screen at the touch of a button. Garmin is Whittley premium partner for marine electronics, and work closely together to ensure seamless integration into the boats dashboard.

fusion entertainment logo

Whittley was Fusion Entertainments first OEM account outside of New Zealand and has enjoyed a strong partnership with the company over the last 10 years. Whittley selected Fusion as its sound system partner, because of their innovative approach to developing dedicated marine stereo and speaker systems, ideal for the tough Australian boating environment. Many Whittley boats come standard with Fusion packages, and smaller boat models Fusion is an option. A factory supplied and fitted Fusion package, ensures years of quality sound in your new Whittley.

garmin navigation equipment

“A t first I was not sure on which brand to select for my fish finder and gps needs, after talking to one of the Whittley sale people who suggested a Garmin. So I did my homework and decided that Garmin was going to be my choice. The factory supplied and fitted a Garmin Multi Function screen with thru hull transducer and card, and it has worked well. I selected a thru hull transducer to avoid spray issues or drop outs, and its worked out well. I would recommend a factory fitted Garmin screen in your next boat. The factory also linked the Fusion Sound System into the my Garmin head unit, so I can control my music from it, it was a great addition.“

Kevin Creed, CW 1950 Owner, Mallcootta Victoria

garmin striker 4

The smaller sounder offering from Whittley, is the factory supplied and fitted Garmin Striker 4, ideal for fish finding and following your trail home after a big days fishing. Perfectly matched to CW 1650, CR 2080 Whittley models.

garmin striker 7

The perfect match for the CW 1950 and CR 2080, and for the customer wanting a larger screen over the basic Striker 4 unit, the ideal affordable mid sized sounder.

garmin ecomap 9 plus

The big sounder, at an affordable price, offering many of the features of the larger screens. The perfect package for all larger and mid seized Whittley boat dashboards. Package supplied with engine management to screen and boat switching thru screen, on selected models.

garmin 7412

GARMIN 7412*
Looking for all the features of the larger 16” screen option, but don’t want to spend as much money? Then the 12” Garmin package is the ideal match for your new Whittley’s dashboard. Package supplied with engine management to screen and boat switching thru screen, on selected models.

garmin 7416

GARMIN 7416*
The ultimate Garmin screen option, for your new boat package, this 16” screen option fill even the largest of Whittley dashboards, coupled with a thru hull transducer for a more accurate transducer. Package supplied with engine management to screen and boat switching thru screen, on selected models.

gamin radar

Why couple your Garmin screen up with a factory fitted Garmin radar? A radar is used for two reason, to navigate at times of poor visibility or wen tracking birds to target bait fish. Either way, a Garmin radar is a great addition to your new Whittley boat.

garmin auto pilot

A factory fitted and supplied Garmin Autopilot is the ideal option for customers looking to engage in long trips or added safety. It enables the Boats direction and steering to be guided by the autopilot system. A Garmin Autopilot system integrates into your Garmin multifunction display for added safety and convenience.

garmin head unit connection

Ask your dealer about a factory supplied VHF Radio and Fusion Entertainment package option today! (Note, most models in the range already have one as standard).

Why Connect My Switching & Engine Data Into My Head Unit? (Only available on selected models).

› Provides engine data, from your engine directly thru to the boats Garmin head unit.
› Switching can be connected when selecting larger Garmin screen option, to run the boats switching thru the Garmin head unit.
› Easy one push approach to easily control your boats and glance at engine functions.

Ask your dealer more about these exciting new options available on selected larger Garmin head unit options.

Garmin & Fusion products are available as an option in all Whittley model’s, from the VHF radio, your choice of GPS/FF options or an Auto Pilot and Radar package, there is a model to suit your budget and needs.

Speak to your local Whittley and Fusion/Garmin Electronics dealer to learn more about the Garmin range, and a factory supplied package today!

*Garmin model options only available on selected model boats, consult your local dealer for more information.

Many boat trailer builders have claimed for years, that the trailer is just as important as the boat, when it comes to making a decision on a new boat package and they are right! Since Mackay’s beginnings, Whittley have worked alongside them to perfect a trailer design which is custom built to suit the Whittley hull.

whittley xs

“A high quality trailer, is as bigger part of the boating experience as the boat is. Towing your Whittley with a custom-made Mackay Tr ailer is a breeze."

Steve Whittley, Managing & Design Director


Deluxe Rear Straps

Deluxe Front Straps

High Quality Winch

Whittley Decal Kit

Spare Wheel & Whittley Cover

Quality Fulton Jockey Wheel

Electric Break Controller

Led Lights


Teflon Catchment Skids

Keel Ladder Rollers

Carpeted Side Skids

Front Wobble Rollers


Ever struggled to put your boat on and off the trailer by yourself, sick of having the hazard of a slippery ramp. All Mackay Trailers supplied by Whittley come L&R Boat Latch ready, its only a matter of ticking the option box, and all the risk disappears with the factory installation of the L&R Boat Latch.

If you are watching your total trailering package weight, an easy and smart way to reduce this is via Mackay’s range of premium aluminum trailer upgrades. Mackay’s aluminum trailer range are not bolted together, but rather fully welded for strength and are designed for our tough Australian roads. Not only are they light in weight, also being aluminum in construction means that the trailer has further protection against corrosive salt water, over a galvanized trailer.

For more information about Mackay Trailers for your Whittley Boat, please consult your local Whittley dealer.

* Please Note: Images are supplied for generic use and standard equipment and features may vary from model to model, Whittley reserves the right to change specifications of its trailers at anytime.

The ultimate way to trim your new whittley, is by setting and forgetting with Zipwake automatic trim tabs.

“The Zip Wake system has two main benefits, aied at making the driving of your boat as simple as possible. The tab's are automatic, meaning, set and forget, ensuring your boat is level whilst underway. The tabs also set themselves into the fully down position whilst transitioning to and from the plane. Which ensure the bow lift often associated with larger boats, is minised and maximum visbility is maintained. both these features are ideal for customers new to boating as it simplifies the planning and driving of your boat. I would recommend the Zip Wake system to customers looking at buying a Whittley from our CR range.“

Alan Whittley, Direct or Sales & Marketing


Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll.

Automatically minimizes wave resitance and saves fuel.

Innovative 3D controls provide unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading.

Patented series of durable fast-acting interceptors provide supreme lift force characteristics.

All-inclusinve mass-produced modular design provides built-in quality, simple installation and easy expansion whilst making the system affordable.


Near full beam inceptor arrangements are much more efficient at making lift compared to trim tabs with narrow span.

Zipwake's interceptor blade extends just 30mm, whereas trim tabs often project 1500 reflecting substantial drag.

Zipwake's blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming conventional trim tabs by at least a factor of 5.

Interceptors provide more effective trim control creating less waves which directly leads to better fuel economy.

Simply set, forget and your boat is trimming itself in many ways, it makes planning so easy and effortless!

Zipwake is standard on the CR 2800 and CR 2600 models.
Zipwake is an option on CR 2080, CR 2180, CR 2380, XS 20, XS 24 and FF 2100 models.

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A Whittley is the ultimate reward. A feeling of prestige, an ownership experience without compare. Not exclusive to boating only, your Whittley experience begins from the moment your enquiry and interest starts, with the support of the Australia wide premium Whittley dealer network. Your boating journey and story starts at your local Whittley dealer. To locate your closest dealer and to embark on a new boat ownership experience unlike any other click here.