Owners Clubs

With so many satisfied Whittley owners around Australia, it was inevitable that sooner or later they would come together under the common bond of owning a Whittley, plus a love of cruising, fishing and fun out on the water.

Whittley clubs have been established in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. These clubs operate independently of the Whittley Company and the Dealer network (although they do share a strong partnership with that same Whittley network).

The objective of the Whittley clubs is to forge new friendships, enjoy social outings and participate in club events and weekends out on the water.

One of the great strengths of the weekend Whittley club events is the comfort of cruising in numbers. This is a wonderful way to explore new waterways and increase awareness in a friendly and nurturing atmosphere.

On-water events and rallies are held on a monthly basis and new Whittley owners are always encouraged to join the old sea-dogs on their adventures.

To learn more about the Whittley club in your state, or look at becoming a member, please use the contact details listed below or stay in touch by following the club’s pages on Facebook.

Every Whittley owner is welcome, whether you’ve got an original 19-foot bondwood, a classic Voyager, a Cruisemaster, Sea Legend or even an XS.


Whittley Club Contact Details

Club Whittley Queensland


Melbourne Whittley Cruiser Club


Whittley Club NSW